Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to this community and providing direct, affordable, preventive, high quality, holistic healthcare services for children and adolescents (Birth to 18 years old) in conjunction with their families, as well as consultation service for area pediatricians and family practitioners.

Our Philosophy of Care

Family-centered care recognizes that the family is the constant in a child's life and that service systems and personnel must support, respect, encourage and enhance the strength and competence of the family. We acknowledge the importance of good health in our lives and that humans cycle through varying degrees of stress/crisis and have remarkable ability to adapt. The role of the professional health care provider is to offer expertise and logically problem-solve with the family in deciding on a joint plan of care that is in the very best interest of the child. The Nursing Science model of care provides a unique emphasis on care, trusting family-friendly relationships and the teaching healthful self-care rather than merely a focus on sickness. Alternatively, this practice hopes to focus on promoting wellness throughout the developmental life process and helping each child achieve their optimal level of health.